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CNCA President’s Message!

By Scott Blom – CNCA President

Hi everybody! We thought we would all take a little break after the 25th Annual CNCA Celebration in San Diego! By the way, a sincere thank you for everyone that showed up for the Record Attendance!


We also want to thank the many people who showed a lot of interest or tried to come to San Diego but couldn’t quite get there this time. . But no worries, we’ll be there next year with a couple small fixes, even more new classes and a couple other ideas were beginning to work on for 2017!


Herb just had the training Certification days in Hawaii in early March, so here’s what coming up? Training / Certification days in places like, Oregon and San Luis Obispo County in the spring! Placer County, South San Francisco, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Merced County this summer. Were also working on several more Certification / Training days as well, so stay tuned!


Our Corporate Sponsor “Royal Canin!” is back for 2016. So when you think of your K9 and nutrition, we recommend you, “Follow along!”


We’ll also be following along with the all important crucial Marijuana Laws and the possible effect on our K9’s in other states. We are fortunate enough to have Rob Havice, one of our certifyers in Oregon to lean on. He and our CNCA Oregon members have already gone through those type of changes. So, stay tuned for that as well!


Lastly, We have had a few requests to advertise special K9 classes being put on by our Conference speakers throughout the year. Although we really havent done much of that in the past, from time to time, you may see “a few of them” coming out on Constant Contact. Here’s why. Our speakers wouldn’t be teaching for us if they did not sincerely believe in CNCA, they instruct for us free of charge, it’s great training or we wouldn’t have them and it is a big benefit to our members! It’s kind of hard to argue the point and that’s much of what we stand for!


Sincerely, Scott Blom

President, CNCA

“In Dog We Trust”