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Welcome Letter

CNCA President’s Message!

By Scott Blom – CNCA President

ARCHIVE: for January 2017 Conference

Hi Everybody! I though it was time to send out a short CNCA update after a long summer full of CNCA Certification / Training days. We have been busy with certifications in places like Hawaii, Paso Robles, San Francisco, Roseville, Orange County and most recently Calexico, (courtesy of the US Border Patrol, many of whom are now members of CNCA!)

We have several more coming up before the end of the year, in other places such as Albuqueque New Mexico, Las Vegas Nevada, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles!

Now on to the 26th Annual CNCA Conference in San Diego! Its going to take place from Sunday January 22, through Thursday January 26, 2017!

As you know, we tend to place a very high importance on instructors during the conference, and once again that’s the plan!. We’re still locking in a couple instructors for another great year, but I can tell you, we are bringing in Mr. Roger Abrantes from across the Pacific, Chris Willingham, who always seems to be on CNN and other news channels along with “K9 Lucca” who has been the subject of a New York Times Best selling book, decorated many times for her bravery and is highly popular with “Wounded Warriors!”

Other great instructors include Alex Rygg, Rob Lukason, Romeo Ingresso. We have several new instructors once again, but also have several updated classes. For more information, please contact Jere Rispoli or check the CNCA Website as it gets updated!

One of the hot topics for discussion in many of our classes is going to be things like “certifying your own dogs” The good guys recently lost a court case on the issue. Hence, getting your department to have an independent certification is just “a must do”

Another hot topic is sure to be “Legalization of Marijuana” While it hasn’t happened yet in California, we sure are getting close and what happens to our K9’s if that law passes?

Get registered early and – See you in San Diego!

Sincerely, Scott Blom
President, CNCA
“In Dog We Trust”